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The Journal to the Centre of McGuirk

Free Love on the Freelove Freeway

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The Man they Call Jayne
17 February
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mini biography eh?
Andy was born in Springdale, Nfld
Moved to Ontario when he was 7
His favourite bands are KISS, AC/DC and Tragically Hip
His favourite Sports team is Toronto Maple Leafs
His favourite movie is a toss-up between Waynes World and Star Wars.

ac/dc, acting, aerosmith, baked tunes, beer, billy and the monsters, bob and doug mackenzie, boobs, charlie kaufman, christian campbell, clone high, colt 45, comic books, conan o'brien, dave chapelle, doc holliday, dr. doom, drinking birds, east coast indie rock, edmonton oilers, emo sucks, final fantasy x, firefly, foo fighters, food network, forties, fringe festival, fucking amal, fucking off, futurama, gandalf, gangsta rap, gary roberts, gene simmons, get fuzzy, girls guitar club, grand admiral thrawn, great big sea, guitars, half baked, he-man, heart, hockey, homestar runner, ice cube, jack black, jackass, jason lee, jokes, jon favreau, jon stewart, kevin smith, kids in the hall, kiss, lewis black, lord of the rings, major league, marmaduke, megaman, mfo, mission hill, mitch hedberg, natasha lyonne, neve campbell, newfoundland, nhl 2001, nwa, nwo, oe, office space, old school wrestlers, owen wilson, pabst olde english 800, playing guitar, ray romano, ricky "wild thing" vaughn, robocop, rock and roll, rocking out, s club 7, sarcasm, seanbaby, seinfeld, serenity, sloan, snl, snoop dogg, so clar crew, soft drinks, south park, spiderman, star trek, star wars, stephen king, stp, strong mad, summerworks, swingers, tenacious d, the 80's, the beatles, the big lebowski, the horsekateers, the matrix, the oblongs, the polecats, the simpsons, the tragically hip, tina fey, tombstone, toronto maple leafs, tsn, van halen, video games, vince vaughn, wayne gretzky, wayne's world, wayne's world 2, wes anderson, west coast gangsta rap, will ferrel, wolverine, x-men, zombies

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